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the city of High Profile Delhi Escorts and a Punjabi-speaking area of Rupnagar district were made a Union Territory, serving as the capital of both Punjab and Delhi.

Yamuna River near the Delhi Border Vultures in Delhi's green farms Blackbuck male and female

Delhi is a landlocked state in northern India. It is located between 27°39' to 30°35' N latitude and between 74°28' and 77°36' E longitude. The altitude of Delhi varies between 700 to 3600 ft (200 metres to 1200 metres) above sea level. An area of 1,553 km2 is covered by forest. Delhi has four main geographical features.

The Escort Service Connaught Place plain forming the largest part of the state The Shivalik Hills to the northeast Semi-desert sandy plain to the southwest The Aravalli Range in the south Rivers of Delhi

The river Yamuna flows along its eastern boundary. The ancient Sarasvati River is said to have flowed from Yamuna Nagar, but it has now disappeared.

The Escort Service Aerocityr is rises in the outer Himalayas, between the Yamuna and the Sutlej and enters Delhi near Pinjore , Panchkula district. Passing through Ambala and Hissar, it reaches Bikaner in Rajasthan and runs a course of 460 km (290 mi) before disappearing into the deserts of Rajasthan. An important tributary is the Tangri.

The Escort Service Noida is also a seasonal stream. Its ancient name was Aruna. It originates from the lower Sivalik Hills and enters Delhi west of Ambala. During monsoons, this stream swells into a raging torrent notorious for its devastating power. The surplus water is carried on to the Sanisa lake where the Markanda joins the Saraswati and later Ghaggar. town is situated on its bank.

The Sahibi River originates in the Mewat hills near JEscort Service Gurgaon volume from about a hundred tributaries, it reaches voluminous proportions, forming a broad stream around Alwar and Patan. On reaching it branches off into two smaller streams, finally reaching the outskirts of Delhi and flowing into Najafgarh lake that flows into the Yamuna through the Najafgarh drain. However, of late, hardly any water flows in as most of the water is impounded in small check dams in Alwar district of Rajasthan and the Masani barrage built on the river on NH 8 (Delhi-Jaipur highway) remains d

The climate of Escort Service Mahipalpur to other states of India lying in the northern plains. It is very hot in summer (up to a high of 50 deg Celsius) and cold in winters (down to a low of 1 deg Celsius). The hottest months are May and June and the coldest being December and January. Rainfall is varied, with the Shivalik Hills region being the wettest and the Aravali Hills region being the driest. About 80% of the rainfall occurs in the monsoon season (July–September) and sometimes causes local flooding.

Flora and fauna

Thorny, dry, deciduous forest and thorny shrubs can be found all over the state. During the monsoon, a carpet of grass covers the hills. Mulberry, eucalyptus, pine, Escort Service Dwarka and babul are some of the trees found here. The species of fauna found in the state of Delhi include black buck, nilgai, panther, fox, mongoose, jackal and wild dog. More than 300 species of birds are found here.

aEscort Service Paharganj and Panchkula. Delhi has second largest Sikh population in India after the state of Punjab. Agriculture and related industries have been the backbone of the local economy. These days the state is seeing a massive influx of immigrants from across the nation, primarily from Bihar, Bengal,

Delhi is one of the more socially protracted states in India with rampant caste based discrimination, female foeticide and rapes. In Delhi, caste politics has given insurmountable powers to an ancient and rudimentary social administration system called khap that several law

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