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How to write articles

How to write posts for social networks

Social networks are a relatively new format for communication on the Internet. Moreover, in a short time it has gained enormous popularity - so much so that in many ways (and in the field of journalism, too) it has squeezed out such familiar platforms as blogs and forums.

How is it different from them?

First, pay for college essay social networks are a much more lively and "fast" tool. The frequency of updates is off the charts there. In an average group or subgroup, a new post appears about once every two or three hours. And each user in the newsfeed has not just one, not even two, but dozens of such groups! Therefore, it is not surprising that news that was relevant in the morning may not even be seen in the evening.

Secondly, communication in social networks is more personal and intimate than in other venues. It is this format that successfully turns the world into a big village where everyone knows everything about everyone.

And thirdly, best essays for sale the structure of such networks is both incredibly open and, at the same time, a great help - if that is a person's wish - to close themselves off in their own world, to shut themselves off from the information that they do not want to see.

And it is also worth considering when you write for Facebook or VKontakte: getting through to those who do not want to hear you, in social networks is much harder than in other resources.

Rules for social media posts:

1. Write briefly and to the point. No unnecessary words, no "beauties"! The reader should understand what he is talking about, with the very first line. Everything you need to clarify the main point of the note, make the last paragraphs, and leave the first for the actual informative part. What happened or will happen? where? with whom? when? - are the most important questions that you should answer in the first sentences.

2. use short, sentences. Keep them to no more than five to eight words, including prepositions. This, too, will help you absorb information more quickly and easily, making the text more readable.

3 Be sure to format the text! Make paragraphs (also better short, in two or four sentences). And between paragraphs make gaps - blank lines. In this case, even reading diagonally, the user can extract from the text and remember everything important.

4. Write in first person ("me", "we"). This makes the note look more personal and personalized. And it will fit better into the communication style of social networks.

5. Do not overuse photos and videos. It's better to choose one picture, but the brightest and most catchy. Be picky in your choice! The more accurately the picture or video fits the theme and/or mood of the post, the higher the chance that you will be remembered and returned to.

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